Descripción del proyecto

Emma Reynolds

I’m an accredited Mindfulness teacher – (MBSR) trained at the Mindfulness Academy, Spain. I’m originally from the Uk and have worked with hundreds of people online, one-to-one and on retreats, offering not only the full MBSR course, but also workshops, talks and webinars to private individuals and groups.

My interest in meditation first began with the birth of my son. At the time I was already running my own company and the combination of work stress and no sleep lead me try meditating. I soon became fascinated by how our modes of thinking affect our bodies, our stress levels and our relationships and so I decided to re-train as an MBSR teacher.

I feel that the practice of mindfulness and meditation can be of huge benefit to many people- (although not all). I enjoy bringing mindful practices to people who never normally be interested in yoga or meditation. As a result I’ve worked with teachers, actors, restaurant managers, office workers, mums, business owners….

I aim to dispel some of the myths about meditation and bring clarity to those interested in finding new ways to deal with life’s inevitable ups and downs. Bringing together people in a safe enviroment to share, to deepen their understanding of their own minds and patterns of behaviour. I adhere to the Best Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers; in addition to practising mindfulness on a daily basis, I receive regular supervision and attend continuing professional development opportunities including week-long silent retreats.

Nivel de formación

  • Curso Practicum MBSR, realizado (fecha e instructor)
    15/9/2016…Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Mindful Academy TT1
  • Curso MBSR como observador-participantes realizando (fecha e instructor)
    22/7/17 Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Sheena Burke, Mindful Academy TT2
  • Impartición del primer programa MBSR de 8 semanas (fecha y lugar)
    28/1/18 Gestalt Centre, Barcelona
  • Curso Capacitación o TDI en MBSR, realizado (fecha e instructor)
    7/3/20 – 14/3/20  Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Sheena Burke Mindful Academy TT3

Actividades realizadas

  • Programas MBSR de 8 semanas impartidos durante 2019 – 11 Programas,
    nº asistentes: 41 (grupos y individuales)
  • Otras intervenciones de Mindfulness realizadas durante 2019
    10+ charlas en escuelas, congresos y jornadas,
    Blog y webinars por Macmillan Education para profesores
    Talleres a grupos corporativos, nº asistentes aprox. 400
  • Ultimo retiro de Mindfulness (tradición, duración, instructor y fechas)
    Bodhi College, Sharpham House, Inglaterra, 28/10/19 – 8/11/19 Christina Feldman, Chris Cullen
  • Otras Actividades de formación profesional realizadas en Mindfulness como asistente
    30/3/2018 – 6/4/18…Retiro en Plum Village, Francia
    28/10/2019 – 2/11/19 Retiro con Bodhi College, Beatenburg, Suiza
    2018 Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK (MiSP)-– Formación para ser profesora de Mindfulness para niños (Paws B y Breathe)
    2019 MiSP conferencia, Londres
    2020 MiSP conferencia, Online
    Supervisión continua desde 2017 con Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Mindful Academy Solterreno

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